Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Operation: kill all grass

I really hate the grass in my backyard. It's not even grass, really. There's like, a tuft of grass, then some clover, then weeds, one of those long grass-runner things, then dirt patches... ugh! And besides, I want to garden, so: kill all grass must be done! I got some big cardboard boxes from work and after we mow the lawn, I'll dig up the rest of the grass/weeds and spread the cardboard out, weigh the corners down with rocks, and leave it to die. I have no mercy for anything green underneath. Die grass die! Now, I must point out I have no clue if I'm doing this the right way. But as with my herb & now tomato garden, it's working... so I am determined to prevail!!! It's too dark to take a picture of it right now but I'll take one when the cardboard is down, k?

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CINDYLC said...

Your enthusiasm for gardening is delightful! Gardening goes on and on and on...there is always something to learn and always something new to discover.