Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We has a yard!

8 bags of leaves, 2 snakes (little ones, I even picked one up to transplant it to a different area), 1 blister, a bad sunburn, and countless bug bites later, that is. Phew! This past weekend we worked in the backyard. Devon mowed it down, I raked up all the leaves (okay, not all of them), he worked on extending our patio, and I planted lots of things. The ivy plants I'd had indoors went under the tree. A neighbor gave me some plants from her yard: bulbines, flowering aloes, and rosemary. We made three trips to Lowe's: Devon bought a BBQ grill (charcoal, natch) and put most of it together, until he grew tired of cursing at it. I bought more plants: sages, guaras, and bulbs -- hostas, lily of the valleys, calla lilies, agapanthus, and tuberoses. That night it rained, fortunately for the bulbs I'd planted. Yep, the yard looks nice!